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Welcome!Welcome to the appointment scheduler of Healing Path Integrative Medicine -- the medical practice of Anne Walch, MHS, PA-C.


Below are listed the different length/type appointments and the fees.

Please refer to the HPIM website to familiarize yourself with my practice and the practice policies.

All patients making their first appointment with me at HPIM will need to complete some paperwork.


Please bring a list of your medications and supplement with dosages, as well as the medications which you will need refills.

And, please refrain from wearing scented products including cologne, perfume, oils, body washes, etc. Thank you very much!
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Anne Walch
Founder & Clinician
Undergraduate degree from Duke University with a B.S. in psychology, 1985; Physician Assistant training at Duke University Medical Center with a B.H.S in 1985; and a Masters of Health Sciences (MHS) from Duke University Medical Center in 1991. Mentored and worked part-time with infectious disease/lyme expert Dr. Joseph Jemsek at his Jemsek Specialty Clinic, first in South Carolina, and now in D.C., 2009-present. Mentored and worked with Dr. James Biddle at Asheville Integrative Medicine in Asheville, NC, 1998-2011. Worked in Kathmandu, Nepal at the CIWEC Clinic, taking care of everything from well baby checks to Dengue Fever and High Altitude Illness, 1993-1997 Worked at Dept. of Family Medicine, Duke University Medical Center, including staffing the Student Infirmary, the Travel Clinic, and the Sports Medicine Clinic, 1985-1993.

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